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Holden Tonneau Clips Complete Kit
Holden Tonneau Clips Complete Kit
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Push Fit Plastic Rivet Clip 7mm Toyota
Click here to enlarge

Push Fit Plastic Rivet Clip 7mm Toyota

OEM: 90467-07201 9046707201
Push Fit Plastic Rivet Clip 7mm Hole 20mm Collar 14mm Stem Toyota
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Push Fit Plastic Rivet Clip 7mm Toyota

7mm plastic push in trim clips to suit Toyota

These are a push in clip that expands when the head is pushed in and holds firmly in place.

Suitable for many applications and will suit any car with the right size hole.

Commonly used on; engine undertrays, wheel arch linings, chassis covers and heating box covers

See second fitment picture.

Fit 7mm Hole (F)

20mm Head (T)

14mm Stem Closed (H)

OEM Part Nos: 90467-07201 9046707201

  Code   Colour & Qty Price (Each) Quantity
  CP-0160 10   Black 10 $8.00
  CP-0160 25   Black 25 $18.00
  CP-0160 50   Black 50 $32.00
  CP-0160 100   Black 100 $58.99