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Car Parts Clips and Fasteners
Car Parts Clips and Fasteners
  Code Quantity Price (Each) Quantity
  LPG 1 pair Pack Of 1 $4.50
  LPG 5 pairs Pack Of 5 $22.00
  LPG 10 pairs Pack Of 10 $41.80
  LPG 25 pairs Pack Of 25 $82.50
  LPG 50 pairs Pack Of 50 $110.00


1 pair of lpg reflective number plate stickers, printed on high quality 3M reflective vinyl.


These stickers meet all Australian Standards!

AS1425:2007 (similar)

7.4.3 Vehicle identification
In Australia, to indicate that a vehicle is equipped to use LP Gas as a fuel, it shall carry permanently attached to the front and rear registration plates, an approved, external metal plate not less than 1 mm thick affixed with a label complying at least with the following requirements:
(a) The plate and label size shall be not less than 25 mm square mounted as a diamond.
(b) The label colour shall be retroreflective red, complying with AS/NZS 1906.1, Class 2.
(c) The label shall have only the letters ‘LPG’ in white at least 10 mm in height.


Steel (not aluminium) backing plates are required to be pop riveted onto number plates by law. Reason for this is in case of fire and the sticker melting emergency services can still identify a vehicle with lpg tanks installed.

1 sticker is required on each number plate for each gas tank installed.