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Weatherstrip Weatherseal Clip Universal Australian Japanese Car
Weatherstrip Weatherseal Clip Universal Australian Japanese Car
OEM: Universal
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Ford Falcon FG Rocker Sill Clip
Ford Falcon FG Rocker Sill Clip
OEM: BG1460899A
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About Us

Car Parts Clips and Fasteners. A division of Semoxa Investments Pty Ltd and based in Mont Albert, Victoria Australia.
We are a small family operated business that started out in 2010 needing a few  scrivets and trim clips for a project. We could not find them locally at a reasonable price or more importantly made from good quality material. A search of a few European suppliers found the parts we needed but they had to be bought in bulk. So the excess clips ended up on Ebay. They disappeared in days and we started getting constant emails asking if we could get more or other sizes, colors etc….. that was the beginning and we now stock over 1000 lines and are growing every month.

We are constantly updating products from trusted manufacturers throughout Australia and Europe and as we grow our prices are dropping.
Our goal is to remain in the forefront of new products, keep our quality high and our prices low.